4 tips to how wear a tulle skirt


When I wear tulle it sort of makes me feel like a modern Princess. Sure, one who pays her bills and commutes to work, but still likes to indulge in a little whimsy now and again. I bought a light blue tulle skirt on eBay for next to nothing a year ago, and have gotten so much wear out of it since then, you can see one of my Style Diaries featuring it here. It features a a lot in my everyday wear also, I often dress it down with cute flats and a white tee for work!

I was so happy with my tulle skirt, that I have decided to go back and buy it in  more colours, so I can work a bit of tulle whimsy into even more outfits! Some of my tips for working a tulle skirt without looking like your toddler-self again are as follows:

  1. Go LONG! Do not, I repeat, do not, buy a shorter tulle skirt. UNLESS it is an underlay part of a shorter dress, and even then, proceed with caution.
  2. Unless you want to go full on Fairy-Princess with your outfit  (which is okay, I don’t judge) you’ll probably want to add a little dose of edginess to your ensemble, such as a statement jumper, a quirky band tee, or a cute pair of flats.
  3. Like the ladies have done above, you’ll need to add a dose of grown-up glamour to your look (again, we’re trying to avoid the toddler look here) so don’t forget your statement watch, your cute sunglasses, and your best clutch bag.
  4. Do not wear a tulle skirt with any of the following: converse, stripy socks, or taffeta of any kind.


So ladies, once you follow these tips on tulle-dressing, you can add this little dose of magic into your outfit, and it will serve you for many fabulous outfits to come. When it comes to choosing a skirt, my favourite has to be this double layered pink one from Chicwish, as it looks extra poofy, but I also love this embellished one from Needle&Thread, which you could easily style up into a more formal look. This pink one from Ruche is a slightly different take on the tulle skirt, and if you want to invest a little more, then this Alice + Olivia piece is sparkly perfection! I As per usual with my Trend Report posts, I have done some searching online and I found my top picks to work this look. They are displayed in the widget below for you to browse and shop with ease. You’re welcome!



Would you wear a tulle skirt? Post a photo with @silence.mute using the hashtag #silencemute #how2wearSM



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